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Brierfield Methodist Church

The Development Stage of the Heritage Lottery Fund Project  involves the following::

Undertake relevant development phase inspections and surveys to inform capital plans.

Development of drawings and specifications to RIBA Stage 4 (formerly RIBA Stage H) for the roof repairs including timber repairs and high level masonry repairs.

Development of a management and maintenance plan.

Secure relevant statutory or ecclesiastical permissions.

Community consultation and production of an Activity Statement. 

Secure match-funding for delivery phase.

Production of all second round documentation and information as detailed in the guidance for the Grants for Places of Worship Scheme.  

Progress to Date and some pictures of the recent survey into the condition of the roof

The Heritage Lottery Fund Project

After careful consideration, IWA Architects of Clitheroe were chosen to lead this project. They are on the recommended list of those with  Heritage experience and have dealt with projects of a similar nature in this area. Ivan Wilson is in overall control, and the lead architect is Paul McCullough.   

Prior to the full roof survey a TRI-CAD survey was carried out and drawings produced that would help to pinpoint areas to examine in the full survey of the roof.

A full roof survey was then carried out over two to three days which examined in the detail the structural condition of the roof and would act as a guideline for preparing a tender for the delivery stage. Some photographs can be inspected to the right here to show the state of the roof.

Following an analysis of these findings we were then able to go ahead and prepare a tender document to  allow progress to the delivery stage.

In addition to the areas covered by the lottery remit, we also considered other non-eligible work not funded by the Lottery but which would complement the restoration of the roof. These included the Windows, Lighting and interior false ceiling all of which would enhance the repairs being carried out.

Progress to Date

Appointment of Architect

Tri-CAD Survey

Full Roof Survey

Preparation of Tender Document

Non-eligible works