Brierfield Methodist Church Heritage Site

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Brierfield Methodist Church

Since 1861 the Methodist Church in Brierfield has been a focal point and an important building in the history of the town. It continues to be a centre for all sorts of local activities, and serves the community well , being used every day by many different organisations.

The HLF Project

Welcome to Brierfield Methodist Church Heritage Site

The Church has had to change in format to keep up with the times. The interior was completely altered in the 1980 s to get rid of the balcony and organ and make  it a  useful  dual purpose building. Later a ramp was added to provide good disabled access to the building.

A centre serving all the Community

The Church Now

The Church was built to  a typical design and inside had balconies and a grand organ and pulpit. In its heyday the church provided both a spiritual outlet and  a recreational outlet with football  teams

A centre of the community in Brierfield

The Church Then

Architect appointed

Funding received for first stage

Application successful

Application made

Like any old building which has given good service over the years it needs repairing from time to time and having withstood over 150 Lancashire Winters and Summers the roof was in urgent need of attention. We were  fortunate to have received the support of Lottery Funding which supported  an exhaustive survey to calculate the extend of repairs needed. This then led to further support  to allow essential repairs on the roof to be completed. We are very grateful to HLF for all their help in this venture.

There are two impressive windows commemorating those fallen in the Great War, and these offer an opportunity for more research and a project for local community schools. There is also a plaque to the memory of a local referee killed in a tragic accident on his way to a league match.

The church has a number of memorials

The memorials

The building used to be an integral part of the church but has been used as a factory by various companies in recent years.

This was once a thriving day school and Sunday School

The School

TriCAD drawings completed

September 3014

August 2014

June 2014

April 2014

Februqry 2014

HLF Progress Time line

October 3014

Full Roof Survey carried out

December 3014

Detail specification for Tender completed and sent to HLF

Go ahead for the delivery phase

July 2015

Contractors appointed

September 2015

October 2015

Work commences on roof repairs

Delivery Phase completed

March 2016